Hypnosis for a Calm, Empowering Birth

Hypnobabies, Hypnobirthing, natural childbirth class, Long Island, NY

Hypnobabies® Childbirth Hypnosis is a complete natural childbirth class that brings your mind, body and baby together to help you create the best birth possible.

Hypnobabies® is a 6-week course that provides complete childbirth education and teaches effective self-hypnosis techniques so you can give birth as comfortably as possible while remaining awake, mobile and in control using eyes-open childbirth hypnosis. Classes are limited to 5 couples for personal instruction.

Our hypnosis techniques are fun, easy to use and teach you to:
• instantly bring yourself into a deeply relaxed state of hypnosis
• create natural anesthesia, known as hypno-anesthesia
• eliminate the fear that causes additional pain during childbirth
• allow your mind to feel the normal sensations of birth as pressure and tightening

We also thoroughly cover important topics like:
• staying healthy and low risk with nutrition and exercise
• the physiology of birth and how different choices can affect it
• how optimal fetal positioning can improve your birth
• new mom and baby care

Classes taught on Long Island in centrally located Huntington, NY. Click here for class information or contact me directly at  lesley@hypnoblissbirth.com or 631.848.2383 for details.

“I couldn’t have asked for a more incredible birth experience and I have Hypnobabies to thank for it! I was in such a deep, relaxed state the entire time… I am over the moon about the entire experience! Thank you Lesley!!!”

Kerrin, first-time mom

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Looking for a birthing technique that’s different from Lamaze and Bradley classes? Think all childbirth hypnosis is hypnobirthing? Learn more about Hypnobabies® and how this unique prenatal class provides complete childbirth preparation for a safe, calm, empowering birth.